What Does Our Happiness in Life Depend on?

All people live in sort of a triangle. This triangle represents three points: social happiness, career/financial success, and overall accomplishments. Studies have shown that all three points have a big impact, however there are some who say that it all depends on your “quality of thoughts”. The way you see the world and what kind of sense you make of it. Social Happiness Humans are social beings, they require attention and acknowledgment by others. This is the very basic human need and it needs to be fulfilled so you can enjoy your life better. Some pretty severe experiments have been

Why Video Games have Increasing Gambling/Casino Content

It is not only that video games have more gambling or casino content, it is also that casinos are looking to implement skill based gambling to attract the younger population. For video games, it all started on mobile platforms such as ios and Android. On there you could find many free to play games which include the loot boxes. What are Loot Boxes? Most of the games on mobile platforms are free. As “free toplay”, this term is used to describe games which you can download for free. Even though they are free, they include in-app purchases where you can