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Best Three Apps For Mental Health

We are surrounded by various applications available on daily basis and useful for many activities, reaching from cooking to medical apps. The majority of people uses apps on daily basis, one of the reasons being mental well-being. In the modern life, people are constantly surrounded by stress and anxiety, and many adults face with mental health conditions, which, when serious, can lead to limited everyday activities. For example, bipolar disorder and depression present the third most common reason for hospitalization, while stress and anxiety have become a negative habit that we experience on daily basis. In the following paragraphs, some apps that focus on improving and protecting mental health using various methods such as hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation and others will be presented and discussed.


Talkspace, available for both iPhone and Android, is an app that is based on counseling. The app connects users in a convenient, affordable and confidential way in order to deal with depression, chronic illnesses, stress and anxiety. More than 1000 licensed therapists specialized in various fields of mental illnesses are available for people. However, first, a Matching Agent is provided to identify the necessary therapist for your own personal needs. After becoming a member, a secure chat room is provided for you to discuss your personal issues with the therapist.


Overcoming negative thoughts, stress and anxiety, and building resilience tend to be very difficult sometimes. For that reason, Happify has provided space to do that in an easier way. Happify helps you deal with stress and regain control of your feelings in a happy way. By employing techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and positive psychology, Happify helps you move away and break the unhealthful patterns in order to form new, more healthful habits. Playing the activities and games offered by the app, you feel more satisfied and less negative, and the improvement of your well-being is seen on a happiness score which calculates your emotional well-being and can improve from week to week.


Calm was ranked as the App of The Year in 2017, as the best app in 2017 that reduces stress, anxiety, improves sleep and makes you feel happier. The app focuses on meditation, breathing, sleep and joy, the four key areas that bring joy, clarity and peace on a daily basis. Meditation sessions are 3–25 minutes long, and are good for beginners. However, the app offers more advanced programs as well, for more experienced users.

and other apps such as Cups, SupperBetter offer ways to improve your mental health. However, before downloading the apps, it is important to accept the problem. The solution may lie in one of the apps.

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