Does the Internet Age Really Make Us More Lonely?

The number of smartphones sold in the world has been increasing drastically ever since the smartphone revolution has started. Tablets have died out, the computer (laptops and desktops) industry is mostly only used for business purposes, but the smartphones are skyrocketing. That’s right, we get a new generation of smartphones every single year, with some manufactures targeting even the six month period. Sony is one of them, or used to be, I’m not sure if they changed their production plans. However, if they did, I’m sure there are other manufacturers who still keep going with the six month production cycle.

The Effects of Gambling on Our Society

As many would put it: gambling is just a little bit of fun. Some buy lottery tickets about once a week or once a month, while others are betting their houses away, their life savings or just about anything they own. The truth of the matter is that gambling is on the rise, especially with bonus codes, promotions and offers such as the Jackpot Fortune Bonus Code. It is not the problem that existed some years back. Ten or twenty years ago it wasn’t much of an issue, while now, it is just about everywhere. Unregulated advertising is partly to blame,

How to Recognize ADHD

It is very hard to recognize ADHD in children younger than the age of 5 as they have the symptoms every now and then. Naturally, they are hyperactive or they keep moving without stopping, among other symptoms. During the preschool phase, children change very rapidly so it’s not simple to recognize ADHD without professional help. In addition, ADHD behavior can be caused by anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, sudden change in life (such as moving, death of the family member or divorce), undetected seizures and/or medical disorders which are affecting the functions of the brain. There are 3 Types of ADHD