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Countries That Gamble the Most

Many would look at America thinking that they are the biggest gamblers in the world by looking at their fancy Las Vegas casinos and European countries with their Eurolotto Voucher Code and similar stuff.. While it is true that Americans do gamble, they don’t gamble near as much as the countries listed below.  According to the research that took place recently, these are the countries that have lost the most to the house. The house always wins and it will continue to win. Countries are listed in the order of how much they actually invested in any form of gambling and lost it. Let’s begin: 


This country located down under has Slots as it’s most popular form of gambling. The number of 935 gamblers have been banned there and they are the ones who have breached that ban about 1,200 times. Clearly there is no stopping them. Poker machines are also a popular form of gambling in the country of Koalas and other cute animals.


This high tech society of a country started doing casino stuff in 2010. Even if there was no history of gambling there before that, this form of entertainment has become quite popular very quickly. So much so that the government have put in place the low that requires everyone to pay $81 before entering a casino. Moreover, there is a law that says that any family member can prevent any other family member from entering a casino. Even with all these measures in place, people from Singapore managed to lose just a little less than Australian people.


Honestly, this country came as a surprise to me. I imagine these people enjoying the beautiful views of green Ireland hills the whole time, every day. But turns out they have been gambling and they have been gambling a lot. The losses of $588 are in place for these beer-loving people.


You would be surprised to learn that more than 75% of all Canadians have been involved in some form of gambling- be it sports betting or casino kind of things or horse racing. Yes, horse racing is huge in Canada, especially during winter when most people end up at home or snowed in and googling “how to bet on horse racing” in their car.


These guys are no joke. About 41% of the complete adult population gambles every week. An interesting piece of regulation is that sometimes casinos pay back the money that people lost if they are certified gambling addicts. Which makes them unable to lose too much money. While it is a nice gesture I would say that’s not discouraging the gambling much. But it is one of the way that people can be helped.

After the countries I listed, here comes Italy, Hong Kong, Norway, Greece and Spain. This concludes the top ten countries in total and gives a nice overview as to who enjoys this form of entertainment the most. Just something else- Spain at number ten, loses $418 per adult gambler per year.