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Five Steps To Reducing Stress And Anxiety

The modern world brings many perks to people. However, along with the perks, there comes stress and anxiety. The reasons behind stress are not always apparent, and some require extensive treatment. The negative view of the world and the situation surrounding us can be both the cause and consequence of stress and anxiety. Changing the view of the world to more positive perception can be difficult, and it requires a thorough understanding of stress and anxiety. Once they are understood, one can alter the perception of stress and anxiety and thus move one step forward to feeling less stressed. Thus, in the following paragraphs, various ways of dealing with stress and anxiety will be explored.


The pressures of the modern life cause the increased release of the stress hormone called cortisol. Furthermore, the constant release of cortisol leaves the majority of people living in the state of anxiety, almost developing a habit of stress and anxiety. However, it is important to understand that in the same way the hormone cortisol is part of our body, reacting stressful and anxious is part of our human nature. We are programmed to survive, and as all human beings around the globe, we have a negative bias that keeps us alive and out of danger. In other words, hormone cortisol which causes stress and anxiety is a fundamental part of our survival. Furthermore, in times of genuine need, it helps us deal and cope with the problem. In other words, feeling stress is not our fault, it is part of our nature. The moment we understand it, we can cope with it easily and successfully.


Our conscious and subconscious parts of ourselves work together, relying on each other. For that reason, understanding and accepting our subconscious part of self can help us understand and overcome stress and anxiety. In other words, access the part of your self, access your suggestible and open subconscious mind in a calm and confident way, and you will soothe the anxiety and release stress.


Describing ourselves, our surroundings and people who surround us is a very important factor in dealing with stress and anxiety. The way we tell our story forms a framework of how we feel about our life and ourselves. Humans are granted the ability to imagine. Imagining events stimulates the body to respond to images as they were really happening. In order to deal with stress, positive experience should be encouraged.


Stopping the habit of negative thinking and feeling unsafe and insecure is one of the major steps in dealing with stress and anxiety. Realizing that nobody can care and love you as you do is a very important step in growing up and releasing stress. The fundamental step of mental well-being is represented through letting go of past pains and cultivating the feelings of love towards your self which results in feeling self and secure. Feeling safe and secure for human beings is, furthermore, an important part of feeling less stressed.


Feeling safe and secure, and letting go of pain causes the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. In addition, realizing that things happen for no reason is very important when dealing with stress. Showing compassion for your faults is a very important step to successfully dealing with stress and anxiety.

Finally, one must understand that in order to successfully deal with stress and anxiety, understanding oneself and the roots of stress is essential. Once understood the causes can be diminished and success can follow.

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