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How To Become the Master of Tennis Betting

Although most people like to bet on football and basketball, it seems that the third most popular sport to bet on is tennis. A good thing about betting on tennis is there are different tournaments and championships all year long, and they include individual male and female tennis players, as well as different kinds of doubles who are fighting for the gold medal. Those who like to bet on sports usually have their preferred place of betting, such as the bet365 app. But, if you are not familiar with betting on tennis and don’t know where to start, you can read the basics of it here.

More tournaments than you think

One should bear in mind that tennis matches and tournaments are scheduled for the whole year, so each day of the year there is at least one professional tennis match. Therefore, tennis odds are available on every tennis tournament one can imagine, and not only for those Grand Slams as many can guess.

The trouble is that not every betting house will enable you to bet on every match you can imagine. It is important to find a fair bookmaker who can offer you the matches, tennis players, or tournaments you want to bet on. The five basic types of tennis betting are the following: outright betting, handicap betting, over under betting, match betting, and in-play betting.


Outright betting is the easiest to understand, and it requires from you to guess the winner of a particular tournament. The betting conditions differ from tournament to tournament, and it can happen that you should predict who will win seven individual matches in a row on their way to the victory in the finals. Because of its simplicity, outright betting is recommended for tennis betting beginners.


Match betting is pretty straightforward. First, you have to pick the match you want to bet on, and then try to predict the winner and the loser of the match. The player who is less probable to win is known as the underdog, and a better picking the underdog who wins the match will be paid out more than a better choosing the favored player. In match betting, money lines can change during the match if there are those deciding to bet on the winner due to the latest circumstances.


Handicap betting refers to betting on set handicap and game handicap. One player should make a difference in a certain number of sets or games to level the playing field. If a chosen player wins but does not gain a relevant handicap in sets or matches, the better will lose the money. The better can either pick a handicap advantage or handicap disadvantage for a single tennis player.

Over Under

Over Under betting refers to the number of total sets or games which will be played. As there is not a limited time for a tennis match as in football or basketball, this can be a real specialty for those who like to bet on tennis. In the history of tennis, there were certain matches that lasted for more than eleven hours, so Over Under betting can be pretty tricky.


In-Play betting is similar to Over Under betting, yet here you guess the total time a tennis match will last. As we mentioned the duration of the longest tennis match ever, In-Play betting may seem like the hardest task.