How to Recognize ADHD

It is very hard to recognize ADHD in children younger than the age of 5 as they have the symptoms every now and then. Naturally, they are hyperactive or they keep moving without stopping, among other symptoms. During the preschool phase, children change very rapidly so it’s not simple to recognize ADHD without professional help. In addition, ADHD behavior can be caused by anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, sudden change in life (such as moving, death of the family member or divorce), undetected seizures and/or medical disorders which are affecting the functions of the brain.

There are 3 Types of ADHD that can be Recognized in Children

  1. Combined type (impulsive and hyperactive as well as inattentive)
  2. Hyperactive and impulsive type (when they show both behaviors of hyperactive and impulsive)
  3. Inattentive type (this type is formerly known as attention deficit disorder or ADD. Children who do have ADD might have their symptoms unnoticed as they do not disrupt the classroom order or any kinds of other activities)


Treatment of ADHD can be done in a few ways. First includes special education programs, second is drug treatment and third is psychological intervention. Success of the treatment depends on the combination of these three methods. The best one recommended is the combination of medication treatment and behavior therapy training. Kids treated by using this combination also had way better social skills.

Behavioral treatment includes social skills training and support groups with parenting skills training. You might wonder what is the best treatment for someone’s child? Not all treatments suit every kid. For instance, some kids can’t take the medication required to treat ADHD because they are allergic to it, while another is that the social skills training alone is not enough to improve their condition. It is very important to work together with your doctor to make sure the right therapy is applied for the maximum effect. The wrong therapy can result in the delayed recovery and the wrong medication can lead to problems with other organs.  

A new trend have emerged in treating ADHD, and it is called “The ADHD Coach”, in this method, the kid is assigned a personal coach who will help them set their life goals so they can try and achieve them, and most likely succeed. There is one requirement for this method, and that is that the child must be very motivated and mature enough to accept the help of the coach and let them lead in setting the goals and getting them over the finish line.

It is not easy to deal with ADHD, it takes time and understanding and a lot of strength in the family to go through it, but everybody can succeed and win.

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