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Top Five Weirdest Things You Can Bet On

The excitement produced by betting and online benefits is what makes people bet quite often. In order to feel the adrenaline rush provided by gambling and betting, people are prepared to literally bet on anything. For example, the royal family provides many things you can bet on: the prince’s first word, first overseas visit, or the age of his first nightclub photo. His uncle’s wedding is another good bet. The royal-wedding mania surrounding Prince Harry’s wedding to Ms. Meghan Markle occupied betting sites and place all over the UK and the world. Even though the royal betting seems odd to you, there are even more peculiar things people can bet on. In the following paragraphs, the top five weirdest things you can bet on will be presented: cheese-rolling, wife-carrying, UFOs, bet on the dead, and bet on the Nuclear war.


Cheese-rolling is a sport in which competitors roll big chunks of round cheese down a hill. The competitor who is the first to roll the chunk down a hill over the finishing line is the winner.

Even though it seems unlikely that people follow the sport and want to bet on it, cheese-rolling still occupies the betting place.


The ridiculous as it may sound, wife-carrying is a serious sport. Once a year wife-carriers organize World Wife-Carrying Championship in wife-carrying, and bookmakers offer odds to bet on the competition. Even though it sounds humorous, the sport is about prestige, fitness and honor, which the viewers enjoy seeing.


Are we alone in the Universe or not? This is a good bet! The question of whether there is life outside of the planet Earth has always triggered the mind of people and bothered us for centuries. Nowadays, in the era of gambling and betting, the millennium-old question can actually earn you some profit.

Nowadays, bookmakers are making a profit from offering odds on when the humanity will discover life outside the Earth. As ridiculous as it may sound, extra-terrestrial life is a good way to make money!


The betting market which is emerging now in Taiwan is definitely the weirdest, the sickest and the most chilling. People in Taiwan are betting on the life expectancy of sick people in the hospitals. If the patient in the hospital dies within the month then the winning goes on the bookies; however, if the patient survives and lives up to six months, you can receive three times your bet.


The last, but not the least, on the list in betting on Nuclear War. The world’s favorite dictator, Kim Jong-Un is another good bet. You can bet on his travelings, whether he will be overthrown or whether he will start a nuclear war. As bizarre as it may sound, the people are placing bets and the bookmakers are making a profit.

Betting on royal family is not odd anymore, right? If you are for a good bet, pick the weirdest and have a ton of fun!