What Does Our Happiness in Life Depend on?

All people live in sort of a triangle. This triangle represents three points: social happiness, career/financial success, and overall accomplishments. Studies have shown that all three points have a big impact, however there are some who say that it all depends on your “quality of thoughts”. The way you see the world and what kind of sense you make of it.

Social Happiness

Humans are social beings, they require attention and acknowledgment by others. This is the very basic human need and it needs to be fulfilled so you can enjoy your life better. Some pretty severe experiments have been done on people where they have been isolated for years. This led to a complete loss of ability to speak and maintaining normal interactions with other humans. Without going further in explaining this experiment, go out and enjoy the social life, it will make you happier.

Career/Financial Success

Some say that if you just make more money it will easily remove pressure on your life and you will experience an improvement. Others say that you can’t buy happiness. It’s an individual matter, not everyone agrees on that. But if you find yourself thinking about money more than a few times a day 

or find yourself worrying over it, maybe increasing the amount you earn could indeed help you out.

Overall Accomplishments

Are you an accomplished person? If you think so, that’s great! But if not, maybe you should just work on yourself until you feel more accomplished. This goal is an individual choice. As long as it’s realistic you should be able to achieve. If you need help with this, get yourself a mentor, someone who helps other people accomplish their goals.

In ancient Greece, one of the philosophers was of the opinion that to be truly happy you just have to not want anything. If you don’t want anything, you already have everything – therefore you can only be happy. You can’t be sad if you already have everything because you don’t want anything, right? Maybe it would be a good idea to incorporate a little bit of this, at least to make sure you don’t want too many things to be happy. Keep it simple and achievable.

Quality of thoughts might be another version of the same theory. This is where you set up your thoughts to accommodate you, not anybody else. If you try to please other people, you will fail. It just can’t be done, there are way too many opinions and sometimes people just can’t make up their mind. They can’t decide, so how can you afford to try and accommodate with people like that? Just make sure you are keeping yourself in focus, and you can let other people learn from you, not the other way around.

Another small tip would be to control your feelings. Don’t let things get out of hand. Practice this and it can’t be mastered in a single day, but soon enough you will be in control.