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Why it’s Hard for Gamblers to Stop Gambling


Some people get addicted to gambling in a few minutes, right from the get-go, while for others it takes months or years to develop. Studies have shown that there is a connection in between the gambling problem and attention-deficit disorder.

While gambling shouldn’t be seen as anything more than paying for entertainment, such as going to the movies or enjoying a good restaurant, seeing a concert or buying a video game, some people tend to let it rule their life. It leads them to invest all of their life savings and their assets, for others it’s just issuing way too many checks- so many of them so they end up in prison because they just have no way of paying back all those checks. If you’re the former type of person, feel free to learn how to sign up with Ladbrokes promo code, save on your first deposit, and have some fun.

Addicts Usually do it to Escape but Actually Make it Worse

Another study have shown that many gamblers are actually recovered alcoholics or drug abusers. It makes some facts about gamblers more clear. The term used “escape-seeker” is a person who gambles to get away from their problems. Some don’t see their workaholic spouse and therefore gamble so they don’t have to think about their workaholic spouse anymore.

Action-seekers do it for the excitement. They want to feel the rush of adrenaline and invest everything in the game of chance. They think that their gambling expertise is way too good to fail. However, it mostly isn’t the case as all they have is short attention span and taking the risk puts them in the state of expectation of a good outcome which doesn’t really happen.

Studies carried out in Canada and Australia have found gamblers making irrational statements while playing Slots and Poker machines. By playing Slots or Poker machines and thinking that you will get out of your debt is actually not rational thinking at all. It is in fact the point of no return when the moment that gamblers sink into the irrational and cannot start thinking about anything else but the win they believe they will get in the next turn of the slot.

Recovery is Difficult but can be Done

Many gamblers attending gambling therapy complain about back problems, stomach problems, headaches, sleeplessness, and a lot of other physical body problems. This indicates that gambling has physical effects. Even after almost a year of going down the recovery road, some gamblers still experience the same problems as in the very beginning of the recovery.

The first 45 days of recovery can be the most critical ones, where the gambler is hit very hard by the urge, anxiety, the racing heart and their sweaty palms. They are on the edge during this period, after which the road to recovery starts to show improvements with every passing day. This often leads to full recovery.

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